The Nest #5:

Myfanwy’s Stockings: The Clay
Saturday February 6th , 7.00pm
@ Megaphon Studios – Floor 2/ Building 8, 70 Edith St, St Peters

Plate Captain Frank
Deaf Hedge
Woody Allen Hoo-Haa

The Nest & Plate Captain Frank present Myfanwy’s Stockings: The Clay – an insane freeloading demon taking the guise of a variety evening. Starting inside the studio & spilling out onto the balcony this evening features musical genius & nonsense from Plate Captain Frank, Snagglepuss, Deaf Hedge & Woody Allen Hoo-Haa; stunning art installations of mixed mediums; poetry slamming; a meat & vege friendly BBQ; face painting; & audience Vs performers (@Twister or Nintendo – chosen by draw).

This installation of The Nest is being supported by Music NSW’s Indent partnership program and is being organised, managed and run by The Nest’s youth volunteer team.

Plate Captain Frank

Dinosaur-electro & vicious stage antics combined with backing dancers & visual displays has caused much ambivalence towards Plate Captain Frank throughout Sydney. Threats of violence, breaking up a marriage & being banned from The Sly Fox are just the beginning of his rampant schizophrenic journey. Expect nothing & you’ll still be disappointed.


a four piece awash on the northern beaches, a place where plenty travel for sights and screeches. The musical style of Snagglepuss, having matured along with its members, would best be described as contemporary, incorporating a multitude of unconventional sounds from around the urban soundscape. The inaugural performance of the acclaimed, Roman inspired suite ‘Super Luna Mons Montis’ will be at The Nest, February 6, 2010…

Deaf Hedge

Founded by Thomas Dodd and Max Schollar – Root when they were barely pubescent and had a penchant for messed up humour. These ex-drama students took their acting skills to the music stage, crafting elaborate stories punctuated by songs to create a theatre/music fusion. Pushing over the boundaries of theatre and music and dancing on the charred remains, Deaf Hedge have been active for close to a decade! Presented like shock therapy, Deaf Hedge slams into the ears and eyes of its audience aiming to make them REACT!

Woody Allen Hoo-Haa

The Woody Allen Hoo-Haa is an experimental, psychedelic, noise punk group who incorporate free jazz, krautrock and ambient overtones in their music. Their music is often based on one riff or lyric, and then improvised and expanded upon until the piece reaches a chaotic, noisy, textured intensity…. Sort of like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.


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