Another gig. This time 4 young high school bands were on the bill: The Slippers, The Fontaynes, Calyca Rose, and Below The Zodiak. From sixties psychedelic pop to hardcore metal with ‘proper singing’, a tasty BBQ, and an amazing sound and lighting display, The Nest #2 was a fully sick All Ages party.
Graphic Artist, Em~B decorated the stage and surrounds with visually appealing props such as a giant cardboard cactus, some random kitchen appliances and an array of childhood dolls strangled by telephone cords. The top class sound and lighting production, and the superior quality of the young bands and the homemade beef burgers made for a thoroughly enjoyable gig.
Check out the Photos and Videos from the show.

The Slippers did a Q&A with the drum media…

Name and what you do in the band?
My name is Christian Byers/Snuffy Slipper and I like to write songs, sing, play guitar and the occasional organ

Can you tell us a bit about your band and what you sound like?
We are a four piece Psych-Pop Space Folk Rock group of Inner Western teenagers who enjoy blissing out to your parent’s record collection. We sound like a pack of mischievous 10 year olds from the 60s who found those special grown-up brownies that Mum was saving for the Grateful Dead concert, downed them with red cordial and stumbled upon a completely set up rehearsal room complete with guitars, keys, bass and drums.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at The Nest? The studio-quality sound, the fact that it will be filmed and recorded or the fact that you’ll be showcasing yourselves in an all ages environment?
We’ve had a nice amount of exposure to each of them (we completed an EP recently and played a number of all-ages gigs, one of which was videotaped) though I’d say the fact it is going to be filmed because that will be quite interesting to see back.

How do you feel the all ages scene is looking at the moment?
I think it’s getting better all the time because more and more young people are becoming inspired enough by music to form a collective and compose, learn and strut their own stuff. A majority of the crowd are always friends and family too so there is always that amiable atmosphere. It’s growing because more opportunities are coming up which acts as an incentive for us young things to develop and hone our sick skills.

Situation: power cuts out and you’re reduced to an impromptu acoustic set.
What cover do you play?

Depends who grabs the acoustic first. If it’s Andy (principal guitar genius), then ‘Midnight Special’ by Leadbelly, if it’s me then ‘Road’ by Nick Drake with an outside chance of ‘Midnight Special’ by Leadbelly.
Whatever the choice, impromptu percussion is essential.


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