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the daily meds join the nest #6

The Daily Meds vocal trio strike hard with a special blend of tongue-trickery and not-so-savoury sooth sayery. Three poets who recently took a break from Reverse Polarities, have teamed up with the ultra fresh producer/guitarist extraordinaire Roleo, to mould a pungent and addictive vibe for present and future heads to boogy to.
Saucy stories of dance floor disarray and nonsensical party escapades rouse the crowd into a sweaty frenzy. Manic hype is then juxtaposed with fresh social commentary, metaphysical and moral philosophy and talk of global ascendancy. One man on guitar spinning dirty, dirty beats, two smart lads and one bent soulful diva = your recommended Daily dose of Meds!

Since the bands formation in 2009 they have supported The Thundamentals for 3 consecutive single launches. They also helped to launch the popular Sketch the Rhyme show which is now a national touring success featuring their very own P-Smurf. Independently they have rocked venues such as The Gaelic Club, The Basement, The Abercrombie, The Factory, Oxford Arts Factory, Newtown Fest, Surry Hills Fest, High and Dry, Peats Ridge and many more. No doubt their mutual drive to fuel the party will set them soaring higher than ever in 2010.


You Can’t Get More Real than this – str8 Ballaz to play at the Nest #6

Str8 Ballaz

are the real deal. Three talented young people, straight from the streets of Glebe, pursuing their dream and bringing their music and vibe to you. Str8 Ballaz are rappers Kash and Wayne and producer and DJ Lil ‘Cube. All come from the inner-city suburb of Glebe known for it’s troubled streets and tough culture. These kids are the real deal, from tough neighbourhoods and with all the hustle and bravado of true inner city street kids. And they’ve been tearing up a storm – DJ-ing and performing at countless house parties in the Glebe Area, and now getting recognition across Sydney with airplay of their latest tracks – this is a Hip Hop Crew with a future. The thing that sets them apart: raw talent.

– is 19 years old, and already a veteran of the Glebe streets. He has been
writing lyrics for years, and now, teamed up with Lil Cube’s production, has found his
smooth style and raw ‘pull-no-punches’ rhymes to be his key to success. His rhymes
are laid back, sincere, heartfelt missives from what it’s like to grow up on the ‘wrong
side of the tracks’ and making his way in a troubled world. Kash is some-one to watch
in Australian Hip Hop.

Lil’ Cube – As smart as he is talented, Cube is the powerful and enigmatic
driving force behind the Str8 Ballaz. A life-long Glebe resident, Lil’ Cube produces
the beats, DJ’s the house parties, and hustles, always hustling. Lil’ Cube may not say
much – his voice is his production – the smooth ‘West-Coast’ inspired beats he hones
every day in his studio.

Blizz – Blizz, at the young age of 18 is already a veteran of troubles with the law
and the mean side of the Glebe streets. Smart, articulate, good-looking and funny, he
is a talent just waiting to explode onto the world stage. Always smiling, Blizz steps up
to the mic with a confidence that belies his young age, and can rip up Freestyle with
flow that puts other rappers to shame.

Str8 Ballaz have recently produced a video and a 3 track ep – only available from Glebe Youth Services every afternoon.

Check out the Str8 Ballaz on Saturday 8th May @ The Nest w/ Daily Meds, Electric Elements Crew and more to be announced soon.


The Nest #5 – Saturday February 6th

Plate Captain Frank is hosting an evening of variety, under the name ‘Myfanwy’s Stockings: The Clay”. The event features 4 bands plus an array of outdoor activities and art installations.

Plate Captain Frank

Schizophrenic pop with backing dancers

Deaf Hedge

A collision of crass comedy cabaret rock, combining music and costume changes and satirical theatre and downright hilarity! Deaf Hedge like to take a genre, get it drunk so that it spills all its secrets, then humiliate it in front of its friends.



Woody Allen Hoo-Haa

experimental, psychedelic, noise punk with free jazz, krautrock and ambient overtones haha.
The basic song structure is based on possibly one riff, drum beat or lyrics etc and is then expanded upon through improvisation unlike the piece reaches a chaotic, noisy and textured intensity…. Sort of like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.