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The Nest SEC (second series) #1

The second series of The Nest begins on Saturday July 24th with a range of local Sydney indie-rock bands.
This series will have a greater emphasis on audio and video production and will be sure to make The Nest one of the greatest sounding and visually appealing live music haunts in Sydney. As per last series, all gigs will be filmed and recorded, providing awesome high-quality video clips to the performing bands.
The first gig of the series is kicking off with an interesting blend of rock through to country through to psychedelic sounds. All bands hail from the local Sydney area and are seasoned live performers.

This event will be hosted by CJ Shaw, a self-confessed ping pong champion/ aspiring auctioneer.

The Foreign Electric

The Foreign Electric’s soundscape is fronted by a unique complimentary contrast of the two lead vocalists; backed by intensely tight beats and funky bass; and filled in the middle with a psychedelic clash of vintage guitars.
Since forming in 2007, The Foreign Electric have completed a self produced EP, played shows at such notable Sydney venues as the Annandale, the Hopetoun and the Gaelic Club, and had a little airplay.

The MoMos

If you had a time machine, you’d be able to go back to 2002 and hear the early sounds of The MoMos emanating from the upstairs window of an apartment block-cum-rehearsal room somewhere in Sydney’s inner west. They have brought their own special brand of toe-tapping pop-rock into venues, entrancing audiences with their lyrical tales of everything from the knee grazing fun of floor sex to pool parties, The MoMos subtle combination of back-country twang with inner city sensibilities ensure their sound is one in a mo-million!

Indigo Rising

Indigo Rising has been described as one of the biggest sounds to grace any stage in Sydney. Having only been together a year, the band have developed a devoted following by making every live show a night to remember.
With a flavour derived mainly from 80’s and 90’s alternative rock, these four talented boys have created a fresh, blues based rock sound influenced by the likes of Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Chilli Peppers and Alice in Chains