The Nest is run by a team of volunteers. They are aspiring musos, artists, sound, video and lighting enthusiasts.

Erin (lighting & sound)

“My role as The Nest Lighting Tech has involved designing and operating stage lighting for a variety of different bands. Equipment ranges from Par Cans with a variety of coloured gels to XL and XS model Intelligent Lights, LED bars and the LED Starbrite Curtain by PR Lighting. The lighting design consists of constructing many different settings on the Intelligents, including colour, shape, size, intensity, focus, movement and placement to use in conjunction with each other and with the other lights to provide a unique look and atmosphere for each band. The lighting design coincides with the thematic and energetic elements in each song combined with the performance of each musician. Each show aims to bring something new and different than the last which includes new and extended lighting techniques and equipment.”
Erin is studying to be a sound engineer, and has recently assisted in a recording session with local band, Fag Panic.

Kieran (stage manager/ sound engineer)

Kieran started out as The Nests stage manager. “….basically lugging and setting up the sound system, placing mics, monitoring changeovers”
Kieran now takes charge of the live mixing at the Nest on an Allen & Heath 24 channel Live mixing console. He uses a range of effects and outboard preamps to control and enhance the awesome music at The Nest. You can be guaranteed of great sound when Kierans around.
Kieran is also a dubstep DJ as well as the frontman of heavy metal band, Anno Domini. They are about to release an album and take over the world.

Max (bbq, handyman, set up dude, cool guy)

Max helps set up the Nest, sound check the drums and assists with stage management. He is an aspiring sound engineer and awesome drummer. He often cooks the BBQ at The Nest and is very popular with the ladies.

Em~B (Graphic designer/props and set design)

Em~B is an incredibly talented Graphic artist. She design the posters, promotional material and makes stage props for each gig. She is also a talented musician and member of ‘Triceretops Aattack’, who played at The Nest#3.


Tim is an aspiring video and sound guy. He has helped setup for The Nest gigs, assisted with stage management and often greets people at the door. Tim plays bass in a band called ‘Antimidas’.

The Foff (Foff Burger creator)

The Foff is famous for ‘foff burgers’. He is also famous for being a drummer in Billygoat and the Mongrels. People travel great distances for foff burgers. They were once popular at The Abercrombie, then they were a hit at The Nest. Where will the foff burgers travel to next?

Jack (live sound/ stage manager)

Jack is one of our newest team members. He is a recent graduate and awesome sound engineer. Jack helps setup and manage the stage and FOH sound at Nest gigs. He has also started doing some mixing and has proved his ProTools chops to the Megaphon team. Jack is also a guitar teacher and guitarist in grunge rock band, Indigo Rising.

Kishor (recording engineer/ ProTools whizz)

Kishor is another new member to The Nest team. Kishor and Rachel have made a solid team in the control room, recording the recent Nest gigs on to ProTools. Kishor is a bit of a ProTools genius and has an amazing recollection of all keyboard shortcuts.

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